Solagran’s primary purpose is to free a significant proportion of the world’s population from the pain and suffering caused by a wide range of acute and chronic diseases. It will achieve this through the development, production and distribution of Bioeffectives®, which are safe yet extremely effective natural complexes derived from the “live elements” of trees.

Solagran’s Bioeffectives® are derived from green tree foliage, which for centuries has been discarded during forestry production. Their manufacture does not generate any unsafe or unusable waste materials, and makes some trees as valuable for their foliage as they are for their wood. Their use can enhance the integrity of the human food chain by reducing the need for toxic pesticides in agriculture and by eliminating the need for antibiotics in animal husbandry. Their use in medicine can prevent many chronic illnesses, and result in real and sustainable improvements in the condition of patients suffering from those illnesses.

Consistent with the wishes of those who started the Bioeffectives® research program in the 1930s, and those who are now continuing the research and development effort, our top priority is to improve the health and the wellbeing of mankind.