Intellectual Property

Solagran has an enormous body of intellectual property. The knowledge and capability arising from results of 75 years research is one of the company’s greatest assets – an asset which continues to grow every day.

Solagran’s intellectual property strategy is centred on a comprehensive technology patent.

In the conventional pharmaceutical industry, patents are generally related to a combination of “therapeutic applications” and, where possible, "composition of matter". However Bioeffectives® are natural complexes. So in most cases it is not possible to obtain “composition of matter” patents.

Solagran believes that the best way to protect the company’s intellectual property rights is to firstly patent the technology for extracting and isolating Bioeffectives®. Where appropriate, this position is bolstered by patents related to the specific therapeutic applications of each Bioeffective®.

Solagran holds a Russian technology patent that is broad in scope and coverage. Filings relating to this patent are currently moving through the national phase for six countries in addition to Russia. These countries are the USA, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Latvia and Germany.

Solagran files for application patents where to do so would provide an additional layer of protection. In all of Solagran’s intellectual property protection work the company starts with a Russian patent filing. International patents are then pursued where this is considered necessary. Holding a Russian patent provides Solagran with priority, effectively preventing another person from patenting the same intellectual property in another country.

Because of way in which it secures its intellectual property, Solagran has a strict policy in relation to the release of scientific and clinical trials results. As a listed company we keep the market informed with a summary of the results of trials and potential commercial implications as soon as practical following receipt from our research partners. However, if the results contain inventions or breakthroughs for which patents will be sought, then the full details of the trials results will not be released until such time as the patent application process has been completed.