The Academy

The St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy was founded in 1803. It is the birthplace of Forest Biochemistry and remains the global leader in this field.

The Academy's 8 Faculties and 40 Departments employ some 1,500 staff including 82 professors and 325 Associate Professors. It has a student body of over 8,000 and is the world's largest higher education facility focused entirely on Forestry and Forest Management. It is also home to the Russian branch of the International Centre for Forestry and Forest Industries (ICFFI).

St Petersburg Team

Valery Choufarin
Legal Counsel
Solagran Russia

Valery has a background as a design engineer. He retrained as a lawyer in the early 1990s and has been Solagran’s legal counsel since 1999, after a period as head of legal services for the St Petersburg Society of Consumers. He is a Director of LLC Solana and LLC SibEX, and Managing Director of LLC Solar.

Galina Sabourova
Patent Attorney

Galina is one of Russia’s most experienced patent attorneys, having worked in intellectual property protection both in Russia and internationally since 1974. She is responsible for all of Solagran’s IP protection work.

Tamara Nikitina
Clinical Trials Designer and Co-ordinator

Tamara is an experienced organic chemist who has worked with Bioeffectives® for more than 30 years. She has co-ordinated Solagran’s clinical trails since 2003.