Bioeffective® I

Bioeffective® I is currently sold in Australia as SIBERIAN RED® (a TGA listed antioxidant product), and is also approved and marketed in Russia as a concentrate for soft drinks, and promoted as a general tonic

Bioeffective® I is a complex, biologically active substance obtained from the twigs and green needles of Siberian fir (Abies sibirica) following extraction with 100% liquid (SCF) carbon dioxide. It is a dark red, mobile, aqueous liquid. 

The primary biologically active compounds of Bioeffective® I are maltol, bioflavonoids, and various mineral salts, notably iron.

Bioeffective® I is a potent antioxidant as proven by testing at Brunswick Laboratories (USA).

Commercialised as SIBERIAN RED®,  a genuine ‘super food’ concentrate , this completely natural & pure red elixir captures the life-force, a multitude of nutrients directly from living fir needles.

Health and immunity are constantly challenged by today’s fast paced & pressured lifestyle. Factors such as poor diet, pollution, alcohol and stress create “free radicals” that can cause oxidative damage to our cells, effecting cell ageing and compromising health. To combat these free radicals our body requires antioxidants.  SIBERIAN RED®  has become a favourite of elite athletes aspiring to find that extra edge. It has powerful antioxidant properties making it ideal for everyday use or during recovery when fighting oxidative stress.

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